Skylight windows on a roof


If you are renovating or building a house, you want it to be as efficient as possible in every aspect. You need to consider which materials to use for your roof and walls, what kind of flooring to use and where you will get your energy from. Another choice you will have to make is which windows to use, as this can have more impact than you think on the energy efficiency, temperature and overall look of your house. Installing a skylight can bring countless benefits.

Perks of Installing Skylights

  • Natural light- First of all, a skylight transmits and diffuses light much more evenly in a room than a standard window. It is so efficient and can light a room up to 20 times its size. This is great for aesthetic reasons as the more sunlight there is in a room, the brighter and larger it will appear. Sunlight is also known to improve the mood by increasing endorphins and serotonin in the brain.
  • Reduced energy bills- With the increased amount of natural light coming in through the skylights, there will be less need to turn on the electric lighting. Some corporate buildings have lights on 24/7, so installing some skylights can mean substantial savings for them. In addition, since the sun’s heat radiates into a room and warms it up, you will be cutting your heating bills. As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that they can cut total energy costs by up to 1/3. In order to achieve the optimum benefits, always remember to get a professional to install them for you as this will reduce the risk of leaks.
  • The greener choice- In addition to saving you money, cutting the amount of gas and electricity you use to heat and light your house is also going to reduce your environmental footprint. We are increasingly coming to realize that we have to make use of cleaner energy sources such as wind power, wave and solar to reduce the effects of global warming. Installing skylights is just one way of doing this.
  • Privacy- It can be difficult to maintain privacy in a room with windows. People often resort to using net curtains but these have a tendency to reduce natural light and can create a rather gloomy atmosphere. By installing a skylight, you have solved this problem, as you can have a much natural light coming in as you like but nobody outside the room can see into your business or home premises.

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