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A lot of people think that it is time to change the roof of their house when they actually find their ceiling leaking. Leaks can actually be caused by various factors. So what really verifies whether a plain repair is going to resolve the dilemma or an entire new roof? The following are the signs that you need a roof replacement.

Signs you need Roof Replacement

  • First, know the age of your roof. A lot of experts say that usually, roofs could last for about twenty up to 25 years. This varies depending on numerous factors, such as if your existing roof was installed overtop a preexisting roof or if your roof is well-ventilated. If your roof was installed overtop an existing and it is over 20 years of age, chances are that your roof is due for a replacement.
  • Look for damages that are obvious. This is a simple and effortless technique of knowing whether or not your home calls for some roof repairs. Roofs tend to become weaker as they age.
  • Check the valleys. Missing shingles in various areas are an indication that your roof may be reaching the end of its life expectancy. The most important part of every roof is actually the valleys. Snow and rain flow down these valleys leading to the gutters. Should the valleys get problematic, this may lead to roof leaks within the property.
  • Are the shingles beginning to fold and twist? When roof shingles begin to actually curl, these are early signals that your roof may need to be replaced. Another thing you should consider is that your roof could possibly be defective. You can always get in touch with some roofing contractors in your neighborhood to have your roof checked.
  • Look for any missing shingles. Missing shingles indicate that the roof is beginning to fail. You have to be aware whether your tabs are still unharmed.
  • Check your chimney flashings. Your chimney flashings have likely been filled with tar or even roof cement. This is a roof maintenance item that needs to be regularly maintained to keep watertight.
  • Are your gutters filled with shingle granules? You have to check whether or not shingle granules are piling up on your gutters. As time goes by, roofs actually begin to drop these granules and may be detrimental to your house. Clean it out biannually.

Lastly, you want to make sure that there is no daylight visible through the roof deck in the attic. If you can spot daylight, you should check if the attic insulation is moisture saturated. For the homeowners who are looking for a professional service provider for roof replacements and roof leak repairs, Straight Arrow Roofing in Brantford, ON is the perfect choice for you.

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