There are many dilemmas involved in maintaining a residential roof. Work doesn’t end with construction as you have to make sure that it remains a sturdy, beautiful, and safe. However, your roofing will eventually sustain damages from daily wear and tear, as well as harsh weather conditions. Before you even reach this point, it’s good to equip yourself with basic information on re roofing a house.

As with any home improvement project, re roofing a house is far from being a simple DIY task. You will need a hand from experts that are trained and skilled in fixing different kinds of roofing issues. Attempting to handle it on your own may expose you to health risks. It may also cause more damage to the property.

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Re roofing a House vs Roof Replacement

Most clients come to us with a similar question – “What’s the difference between re roofing a house and a roof replacement?” First of all, yes, these are two different procedures. Many people are confused between the two thinking that they mean the same thing.

ongoing roof replacement project

Roof replacement is the process of tearing the old roof entirely and installing brand new materials afterwards.

Re-roofing is recommended for ones that are relatively new and decent looking. It is different from replacement as you don’t have to tear off the roof completely. In other words, it’s the process of saving some parts to lessen the costs and roofing wastes. It’s done by way of layering brand new shingles on top of existing parts. However, it could get tricky because re roofing a house is not meant for everyone. There are cases when it’s not possible anymore due to severe damages (like water damage) and aging. If your roofing’ health is still in good condition and there are no major damages, you can opt to undergo re-roofing. You must always seek professional advice before you come up with decisions involving re-roofing or replacement.

Replacement is done when your roofing’s life has reached the end of its line. There are many factors that could determine if your roof is indeed subject for replacement. One of them would be devastating weather conditions (like tornadoes and hurricanes) that directly wreak havoc on your roofing.

Signs That You Need a Re-roofing

Since you already know the difference between re roofing a house and replacement, it’s now time to dig deeper. If you’re unsure whether to get re-roofing or not, here are the most common signs observed in residential properties.

Multiple Roof Repairs

Recurring roofing issues is a sign that you might need something more extensive like re-roofing. If you are facing the same problems every so often, then you need to confirm with a professional roofer the best way to go.

Damage on a Large Portion of the Roof

Usually, you would need roof repair if there’s a certain part of your roofing that has been damaged. However, if a huge portion is already affected, it’s a different case already. You need re-roofing to fix the large areas of your roof.

Extremely Damaged Flashing

Flashings could also indicate that you need re-roofing services. If the flashing has rust, corrosions, or other obvious damages, you might need to re-roof to solve the issues. A damaged flashing can be the root cause of other problems like leakage.


It’s normal for a roof to age. If it’s nearing the end of its life expectancy, you don’t have to replace it right away. You can talk to a roofing expert for other options especially if it’s still in an acceptable state.

Exposed Roof Deck

Too many missing or loose shingles can expose the roof deck. This may lead to other roofing issues that are difficult to treat. Yes, it’s possible to replace missing shingles but if it gets damaged too often, you need a different strategy.

Mismatched Roofing Material

This is actually not a negative sign to watch out for. This is based on your personal preference. If you feel like the current system doesn’t match the theme or look of your property, you can opt to re-roof it. In some cases, a re-roofing happens if the existing materials do not thrive in the location’s weather condition.

Top Benefits of a Re-roofing

Boards in place to start removing shingles and tiles from modern home

Preparing the surface for a re-roofing project.

Roof replacements are time-consuming and costly. Good thing, there is a less complicated alternative that you can explore for your roofing. Below are the top benefits of re roofing a house:

Enhances Visual Appeal

A re-roofing’s number one benefit is the enhancement of the outer appearance. The old shingles are hidden beneath the new layer of roofing materials. Hence, it now looks more appealing and visually presentable.

Added Layer of Support

A re-roofing strengthens your property’s shield against external threats. There’s an added protection thanks to the second layer of shingles that covers your roofing.


We all know that roof replacements are expensive. If you want to save your roof (as long as it’s possible), re-roofing is your more affordable alternative.

Ease of Installation

In relation to re-roofing’s affordability, it is also fast and easy to install. Hence, you can save on labor costs. Unlike replacements, you do not have to tear off the roof completely. Instead, you are installing a new layer over the old one.

Builder Preparing Estimate For Exterior Home Improvement

A worker inspecting the roof for a potential re-roofing procedure.


Laying over a new set of a roof is more eco-friendly since you help lessen roofing waste. Unlike total replacements, you don’t need to tear off the entire roofing just to be able to install a new one. Hence, it is more favorable for the environment.


Even if re roofing a house is a great option for people looking to save their roofs, it is definitely not applicable to all. It is a case to case basis because not all roofs can afford to accommodate an added layer. There are other things to reconsider like the structural support.

Now that you already know what the signs are pointing to re roofing a house, you have an initial idea if this is something that you can explore. However, don’t be too quick to decide. For now, take note of what you have observed and schedule a site inspection with a trusted local roofing contractor. Given their experience and expertise, they can recommend the most appropriate roofing services that your property need.

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