As a homeowner, you need to build a strong and long-lasting roof. This will help protect your house from future damages and expensive repairs. For a durable roofing that is equally great looking, there is a need to invest both your time and resources. Speaking of a quality roofing, more and more property owners choose metal roofs for residential homes over other options.

As a matter of fact, National Roofing Contractors Association said that use of metal roof products has significantly increased over the past years. It goes to show how homeowners and roofing contractors are becoming more familiar of its promising features.

metal roofs for residential homes

In this blog entry, we aim to give you a comprehensive guide on what to expect from metal roofs for residential homes. Take a look into different variations under this category. Try to find the best fit in terms of preferences and priorities.


Above anything else, we want nothing but the best value for our hard-earned money. This is something that we can find in metal roofs for residential homes. However, as with other roofing systems, metal roofing has pros and cons that you need to include in the equation.

metal roofs for residential homes

Below is a quick rundown of what benefits you can get out of a metal roofing.

  • Durability – With proper installation, metal roofs have the capability to withstand harsh weather conditions. It can effectively protect your home against external elements such as fire, heavy rain, snow, high winds, etc.
  • Longevity – It is a great investment because a metal roof can last up between 30 to 50 years or more. It does not shrink, crack, or erode over time, unlike other roofing systems.
  • Low Maintenance – Metal roofs require less maintenance. Unlike other materials, you can resolve minor issues through repainting or recoating. Regular inspections and maintenance programs are essential so that it stays in a good condition.
  • Flexibility in terms of Design – Since it comes in a wide variety of styles, types, and colors, homeowners can customize their metal roofs depending on their own preferences. Metal roofing also boosts a home’s resale value.
  • Environmental-friendly – This option is good for the environment because most metal products are produced from 30 to 60% recycled materials. They are also 100% recyclable. For cases of roof replacements, you can have metal roofs installed over your existing one which lessens waste disposal.
  • Energy Efficiency – Metal roofs help save up to 40% on annual energy costs as they help minimize heat buildup and reduce the use of air conditioning unit. With its excellent insulation properties, homeowners may reap long-term benefits on energy savings and positive environmental impact.
  • Lightweight – As compared to concrete tiles or other types of roofing, metal is one of the most lightweight options. Because of its weight, it is also easier and faster to install.


While there are many benefits that a homeowner can enjoy, there is a need to understand its weaknesses and drawbacks. To manage your expectations, read about cons of metal roofing:

  • Cost – The initial cost is probably the biggest drawback. Metal roofing is one of the most expensive materials available. Price starts at $12 and can go as high as $1,000 per square feet depending on the type of metal. Ultimately, the costs are a long-term investment. Because of the upfront high costs, it is ideal for people who intend to live in their house for a relatively long period of time.
  • Noisy – Although it is highly weather-resistant, the problem with metal roof is that it can be noisy during heavy rains or storms.
  • Prone to Dents – Homeowners and roofers should be careful when walking on metal roofs as it can permanently leave dents on it. External elements like branches and hard objects may also cause dents and punctures.
  • Leaks – Rainwater and loose screws that eventually leads to leakage. Most of the time, these things happen because of poor installation. Hence, it is important to hire experienced roofing contractors to avoid damages.

Metal Roofing Materials

metal roofs for residential homes

There are several variations if you want to consider metal roofs for residential homes. These three are the top choices:


Steel is characterized by its durability and preferred for residential use. It is also the most affordable among all the metal roofing materials. You may need to treat it with a metallic coating to prevent rust buildup. Price starts from $12 per square feet.

There are two kinds of steel:

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Galvalume Steel


Aluminum is a high-end metal roofing material. Price can range from $7 to $12 per square feet or even higher. It has superior insulation properties and an increased corrosion resistance.


Copper is the most expensive metal roofing that exudes elegance. Normally, you will see it on exterior roofing accents such as bay windows, dormers, chimney caps, and many more. It is lightweight and malleable. Hence, it is prone to scratches and dents. It costs around $10 to $14 per square foot.

Types of Metal Roof

metal roofs for residential homes

Metal roofs come in three basic variations that defy conventional roofing. Each type differs in terms of installation and construction processes. Your options under this category will help you identify the overall look that you want to achieve. Find out what types of metal roofs are available for your existing or future homes:

  • Vertical Seam Panels – These are long panels with ribs extending from the eave to the ridge. They are fastened with screws that penetrate the roof deck.
  • Pre-Formed Panels – These are interconnected panels with standard shapes and sizes. They can be attached directly on to the roof deck.
  • Granular Coated Panels – These are acrylic-coated panels with stone granules embedded on its surface.


Choosing metal roofs for residential homes may be intimidating. Do not let it stop you from exploring its features further. Upfront costs may turn you off right away. Know that it is priced the way it is for good reasons. Metal roof’s promising long-term benefits are commensurate with its pricing.

If you are looking for a quality roof that is built to exceed expectations, check out metal roofs and its pros and cons. At the end of the day, a roof’s performance, longevity, and durability will all depend on the quality of installation. Hence, for all your roofing concerns, needs, and requirements, hire a trusted local roofing contractor.

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