Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Systems in Brantford

When you need a new roof, you shouldn’t just choose the first one you come across. Instead, allow qualified roofers from Straight Arrow Roofing & Siding help you understand your options, including metal roofing. We install metal roofs throughout Brantford.

Choose a Metal Roof

While you have many roofing materials to choose from, a metal roof is one of the best. Why?

  • A metal roof lasts a long time: If you want a roof that won’t expire within a couple of decades, a metal roof is a great option. These roofs can last for many decades with careful maintenance.
  • A metal roof is energy-efficient: If you don’t want high energy bills clogging up your budget, then a metal roof can help. Its ability to reflect UV rays allows you to enjoy a comfortable home and reasonable energy bills.
  • A metal roof is eco-friendly: A metal roof is completely recyclable, decreases electricity usage, and works well with solar panels. This allows you to enjoy a lower carbon footprint.
  • A metal roof is durable: If you worry about fire, moss, fungus, or harsh weather, a metal roof has a unique design that will better withstand these calamities. You don’t have to consistently worry about wear and tear or storm damage.

If you want to see if a metal roof is right for you, speak to us today.

Take Advantage of Our Services

When you want quality roofing, you need a qualified company. Straight Arrow Roofing & Siding strives to be that with our dedication to customer satisfaction. With attention to detail and experience in everything roofing, we provide the service you deserve. We will take on any project and challenge that comes our way.

If you want to learn more about our metal roofing systems, reach us today at 647-686-7663 or online. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.


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Straight Arrow Roofing is a GAF-certified roofing contractor. Working with a GAF contractor like us means you get access to quality roofing systems and an unparalleled service. We now offer 50-year lifetime warranties to cover defects in roofing materials.