skylight units on flat roofing

Learn the pros and cons of flat roof skylight installation.

There are a few things in this world we think are not possible but actually, they are. One is a flat roof skylight installation. To most people, skylights for a flat roof is an unlikely project. But try to look around and you’ll realize that some modern homes and offices do have these additions.

Here at Straight Arrow Roofing, we offer this service, if you happen to be interested. But to educate you further, we’ll tackle two things about skylights for flat roofing materials: their benefits and drawbacks.

What Skylights Can Do for You

You miss out on a lot of advantages of skylights if you don’t have them. Learn what makes them awesome:

1. Get natural light each day.

This is the biggest gain of installing flat roof skylights for homes and buildings.

sun coming through clouds

We need natural sunlight to stay happy, productive, and energized. Skylights make this possible.

We need artificial light every day. However, sunlight does many things that artificial light doesn’t…

  • Daylight lifts your mood. Whether you work in an office or from home, natural light boosts your body’s serotonin levels. This increases your productivity.
  • Sleep better. Receiving natural light early in the day aids in a restful sleep at night. Purely relying on artificial lighting interferes with quality sleep and may increase your risk for cancers.
  • Feel energized all day. Feeling sluggish most of the time in your home office? Don’t just open up the curtains, get a flat roof skylight installation. A client came up to us and told us that since he had skylights, he felt more active.

A single unit skylight already delivers a good amount of sunlight. Two units brighten up your space more. Whether you want more natural light or not depends on your needs.

2. Reduce your energy consumption.

Thanks to the free lighting during the day that skylights provide. Now, you can turn off those fluorescent bulbs and enjoy the nice light that enters from above.

Stats by the US Energy Information Administration show that residential and commercial buildings in the US consume 39% of energy. As a responsible homeowner or business owner, participate in saving energy through skylights. You will feel the impact of your efforts on your finances. Wouldn’t that be great?

We can say with confidence that a flat roof skylight installation is a valuable investment.

3. A better indoor air quality.

The health of your family, employees, and tenants matter. Just imagine the decreased productivity that results from people getting sick. We don’t need to elaborate on the consequences of not being able to work efficiently.

father daughter reading book at home

Skylights allow you and your loved ones to live in a healthier home.

Start with your indoor air. Is your office space well ventilated? Skylights allow for good ventilation as it dilutes indoor pollutants. Facilitate air exchange with skylights by opening them. This brings fresh air inside and removes bad air.

Because skylights brighten up rooms, it also reduces the likelihood of mold growth. Mold grows faster in the dark. As you know, molds lead to nasal congestion and asthma.

4. Increased privacy indoors.

A flat roof skylight installation is for the homeowner who’s looking for privacy. If you don’t want passers-by seeing what’s inside your home through open windows, skylights are your best friends. Skylights support a better health and productivity without sacrificing privacy.

Homeowners usually request skylights for more intimate spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. Our Straight Arrow Roofing team installs skylights on every part of your residential or commercial property.

5. Boost the style of your office space.

Who doesn’t want a beautiful home office? Design creates a world of difference in how you feel about your surroundings. If you love nature, skylights bring nature indoors. They liven up your space. You might want to decorate your space with indoor plants such as succulents.

If you have a home office theme in mind, tell your skylight installer about it. Discuss placements.

Drawbacks of a Flat Roof Skylight Installation

Now let’s take a look at some disadvantages of flat roofing skylights…

6. Flat roofing skylights can leak.

man holding umbrella below leaking skylights

Flat roofing skylights tend to leak. Be sure to hire a certified contractor.

Leaks are common problems to anticipate with flat roofing systems. The reason for leaks is the lack of pitch to facilitate proper water drainage. At the end of the day, it all boils down to choosing a professional. Experts know the right curb and flashing to install. They use the right materials or adhesives for waterproofing a skylight.

If you already have a flat roofing skylight and it happens to leak, act immediately. It’s never good to delay intervention. Leaking skylights also lead to roofing damage. Nobody likes to tackle a roof repair when it’s not expected yet. (Because you just installed your roof last year!)

7. Poor skylight installation.

As with all skylights for all roofing systems, you need the service of a qualified team. Flat roof skylight installation mistakes vary. Examples are choosing the wrong locations or installing on a damaged roof.

Don’t hire a contractor based on price alone. This is a huge mistake. Previously, we shared tips on how to find the best roofer. Make sure you ask your next contractor questions such as:

  • How long has your business been around?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you provide workmanship and material warranties for the skylights?

8. Noise gets in.

busy main road at night

Sometimes, people think twice about a flat roof skylight installation because of the noise that enters.

Light enters skylights and so does noise. If you built your house on a main road, noise can be a major issue. To some homeowners, this is one reason they’d rather not have a skylight.

The good news is that this noise problem is easy to solve. You’ll find a lot of soundproofing solutions nowadays. There are also skylights that are designed with noise reduction in mind.

9. Too much light enters.

Installers should carefully plan a flat roof skylight installation. The right orientation and size must be considered. If not, too much light enters and this makes a room useless.

But even in the event of too much sunlight, manufacturers like Velux offer blinds. The blinds allow you to adjust lighting, maximize privacy, and enjoy added heat protection.

Interested in a Flat Roof Skylight Installation?

The bottom line is that skylights make your home or office a better place. To avoid the possible drawbacks of skylights, hire a good contractor.

Straight Arrow Roofing specializes in skylights for flat and sloped roofs. Learn more about our service. Call us today at 289-203-3726!