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Straight Arrow Roofing – About Us

Honesty, hard work, reliability and customer satisfaction – these are the main key points that made Straight Arrow Roofing known in the construction industry. For the past ten years of great and quality roofing service to various clients in the Brant Region and nearby areas, our company has proven what it takes to be a roofing expert. We have accomplished several projects and made hundreds of satisfied clients.

The founder of Straight Arrow Roofing, Joel Guerra, is very much pleased to share about the humble beginnings of our company. Before our company could achieve this level of success, it is just operating through the use of the founder’s truck. He would load all the necessary materials through the help of his staff and go to the client’s place to do the necessary roofing job. Even if our company started with this simple beginning, through the expertise of the staff as well as the commitment of its founder, it has made a big mark in the industry. It is true that happy clients will bring in more clients for you. We are happy to express our gratitude to our loyal clients who have helped us achieve this today.

Right now, Straight Arrow Roofing is different from its status 5 years ago. Today, we are established and can offer our services to a bigger market. We can also handle more complex and bigger projects. We have more skilled roofing professionals that could carry out the job effectively and efficiently. If you have some projects that would require our expertise, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message. We are more than willing to be of help to you. We will surely do our best to make you an addition to our list of happy and satisfied clients.

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