2019 Metal Roofing Cost: Is It Worth Your Money?

Looking for a roofing system that’s cost-effective yet functional and visually appealing? You might want to look into metal roofing cost to see if it’s something that would fit your most specific requirements.

Metal roofing has become so popular nowadays. Later on, in this blog post, let’s talk about why this is such a must-have for many Brantford residents. You’ll also be able to learn about the average metal roofing cost so that you can estimate your overall expenses.

Should You Choose Metal Roofing?

Let’s get to know metal roofing a little bit more… Why do you even have to consider this for your home out of the many options available?

Here are some of the top reasons why metal roofing is a great choice:

Style and Design Flexibility

Most, if not all, homeowners want to be very hands-on when it comes to their property’s overall look. People value design so much which is absolutely normal.

With metal roofing, you can customize the products so that they may reach your minimum requirements. For instance, you’re eyeing for a matte finish with a rare color. You’ll possibly find a perfect match.

Contrary to older beliefs, metal roofing has now evolved to a more stylistic roofing system. It’s no longer straightforward metal. There’s flexibility in coming up with the final look.

Increases Home Resale Value

While other roofing systems just deteriorate over time, it’s a different story for metal roofing. According to reports, it can boost a property’s retail value by up to 6% as compared with an asphalt shingle roof.

This is possible because of metal’s promising longevity. It will not fail you for more than 50 years if you also provide for its regular maintenance needs.

Superior Durability

If you choose metal roofing, you’ll get so many benefits like fire and rot resistance. It wouldn’t promote plant growth as well so no need to worry about molds or mildew.

Aside from these, a metal roof can effectively protect you and your family against the harshest weather situations like hailstorms and snowstorms.


In all other purchases we make, it always brings a different level of satisfaction if you choose sustainable alternatives. This goes the same with roofing, in general.

There are several environmentally-friendly roofing systems and one of them is metal roofing. It has the capability to reflect and bounce off UV rays instead of retaining them. If the temperature is constantly regulated, you’ll be able to save on utility costs significantly.

Metal roofing doesn’t contribute to landfill wastes as it is 100% recyclable. No guilt!

Fast and Easy Installation


Some metal roofing products come in sheets. In this photo, you’ll see how a worker cuts them into pieces for easier and more accurate installation.

If you’re racing against time, you’ll have no issues with metal roofing installation. Metal is a lightweight material which makes it easy to transport and install.

Even if the metal material is relatively light and easy, you still need to be careful in hiring a roofing company. You should only work with a licensed contractor that has an excellent reputation in the local industry.

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What’s The Best Metal Roofing Material?

Actually, you cannot pinpoint the best type of material because they vary in terms of metal roofing cost, performance, quality, appearance, and more.

In order to find what’s best for you, you have to identify what you need as a homeowner.

To give you a quick guide on what to choose, this is the commonly used metal roofing material for residential properties:

Standing Seam Steel

As mentioned, there are varying metal roof types. One of them is called standing seam steel. From the word “standing”, it has panels that appear to be slightly vertical. This material is lightweight that professional roofers can even install it on top of an old roof.

For the standing seam steel metal roofing cost, it can start at $8 all the way to $12.50 per square foot or higher. It can be expensive depending on the quality of the products.

If you’ll take a look at this photo closely, you’ll notice that there are vertical lines. These are panels that make up a standing seam steel roofing.

Other Types of Metal Roofs

Aside from the more popular version, there are several other types to choose from. You can read about them below:

  • Aluminum – We also have this as an option. This type of metal roofing is best for residents near coastal areas. The material itself is immune to any fluctuating atmospheric conditions, hence, it wouldn’t corrode at all. However, the catch is that it can be pricey. Aluminum metal roofing cost starts at $7 and can range up to $12 per square feet or more.
  • Copper – This is one of the most expensive types of metal roof. However, with the financial investment, you’ll achieve a distinct appeal that’s timeless as well. This is perfect for those who want to resell their property in the future and are thinking about the returns. Its pricing starts at a whopping $15 per square foot.
  • Zinc – With zinc roofing, you are guaranteed of corrosion resistance. As for the price, you can purchase it for $4.50 up to $8 per square foot.

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Final Question – Is It Worth Your Money?

Of course, at the end of the day, we want to find out if this is really worth all your financial investments or not.

The answer is… a big yes! However, there is a “but” statement here. It is a good choice for you if the qualities and characteristics of metal roofing would meet the minimum demands of your location. Remember, some materials would thrive better in varying climate or weather conditions.

If you are convinced enough, you can always go back to this post to review metal roofing’s benefits. We recommend metal roofing because it is high-performing yet low maintenance.

As for the metal roofing cost, it can range from affordable up to high-end depending on your choice. It’s always best to seek professional advice before you come up with any conclusions.

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